Balance Supply. Balance Demand. Maximizing revenue and profit while minimizing supply and manufacturing costs within your capacity constraints

Balance Supply. Balance Demand. Maximizing revenue and profit while minimizing supply and manufacturing costs within your capacity constraints

Maximize Profitability

Balance your supply costs versus demand to achieve margin targets

Increase Market Share

Maximize your supply capability to achieve growth

Improve Capacity Utilization

Identify under utilization, generate promotions, increase revenue. 

Introducing Optimal BalanceTM

Balance Supply

Optimal Balance balances Supply against costs and capacity constraints

Balance Demand

Optimal Balance balances Demand against maximizing profit and revenue within your capacity constraints

Balancing Engine

Optimal BalanceTM comes with a complex mathematical model which will represent your entire business to get optimal results. 

Scenario Planning

Optimal BalanceTM has features to create scenarios instantly. Users can create their own private scenario at any depth and run analysis.   

Work with Real Time Information

Optimal BalanceTM has unified data model which can be changed by real time data feeds and model can be run to produce outcomes. 

Optimal BalanceTM Bring your Team Together.

Firm Sales Orders are at the top in Prioritizing Demand

Bring Sales Orders from various channels. Categorize your order for prioritized allocation. Tie the orders to a preferred DC. OptimalBalance takes DC demand as the basis for planning.

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Bring Market Insights and Promotion Lifts

Getting the forecast right is a crucial step for Sales and Operations Planning. OptimalBalance gathers Marketing forecast lift adjustments and overrides to arrive Consensus Forecast. 

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Statistical Forecast forms the basis for long term planning. 

Forecast drives the entire operations and procurement planning. Getting it right is important. OptimalBalance track forecast accuracy besides allowing scenario planning to do What-If analysis. 

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Provide Budgets, Margins and Revenue Targets to drive S&OP

Finance plays a critical role in computing expected margin on sales orders besides setting profit margin and revenue targets to balance supply and demand.

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Identifying Constraints and Costs for OptimalBalance. 

Each industry, plant will be different. Operations personal play a vital role in identifying resource costs. OptimalBalance prioritizes supply plan based on operational constraints and costs. 

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Plan Procurement to keep supply flowing

OptimalBalance produce procurement plan based on approved operating plan, but practical challenges would require tactical measures to keep the supply flowing per the plan. 

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Transportation Costs for Inbound Material and Outbound Deliveries.

Transportation costs drives choices while balancing supply and demand. It is important to identify Supplier to Warehouse, Warehouse to Plant, Plant to DC, DC to Customer delivery options and its associated cost.

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Supply Planning

On each S&OP run Optimal Balance produces supply plan recommendation which includes what, how much and from whom to buy.

Consensus Demand

Consensus demand process allows to merge sales, forecast, marketing and finance numbers to create unconstrained demand for model run. 

Capacity Planning

On each S&OP run Optimal Balance comes with what, when and how much to make details while  respecting your constraints.